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[12 Feb 2007|09:45am]
There's a community out there that's looking for new and intelligent members who are extremely interested in great music and can show a wealth of knowledge in that area. We are looking for members just like you. We want you to join our community and the provide us with a base of knowledge.

This community that is looking for members is sound_rationale and we really want you. Come check it out and join and have some great fun with great members.
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[14 Jul 2006|03:04pm]

Would anyone happen to have a copy of this pictureCollapse ) without the words on it? I'd love you forever.
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[05 Jun 2006|07:19pm]

Just made a Brett's solo community in case anyone wanna join.
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mp3 request: [23 Apr 2006|06:03am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

So I've read that at one show last year, Brett & Bernard decided to cover play "The Living Dead." And I would really like to hear it, but the piratin' program I have (limewire) is a piece of sh1t when it comes to finding anything remotely rare and this is probably pretty damn rare. I thought I would at least ask in case someone had actually made an mp3 of it (I'm assuming that SOMEONE at the one concert they played it at had their technology with them and their wits about them to record it, but perhaps not?) and if anyone has it? (they do have an mp3 of it - Last FM knows all) Thank you very much in advance and my apologies for wasting anyone's time/friends page space.

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[20 Mar 2006|01:10pm]

Any news on brett's solo album?
On Tears new one?
I need new songs!*

(*Well, them playing THE old ones would do to. But that is not going to happen, so)
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suede fanclub gig rare t-shirt [27 Jan 2006|11:41am]

Only one hour left to grab this super rare, vintage, fanclub gig Suede t-shirt




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original Suede fanclub t-shirt for sale [19 Jan 2006|03:48pm]

was hoping a fellow Suede fan might find some joy in this unworn original vintage Suede fanclub t-shirt.
EDIT: Size Large

I bought it through the Suede Information Service (remember them?) last century but never had the chance to wear it.

I was thinking of putting it on ebay but wanted to gauge interest from the fans.

Contact me with an offer if you are interested and celebrate your love and poison for the Suede that is no more!



x cross posted x
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Tears Barcelona [06 Jan 2006|07:06pm]

Just 4 pictures from B&B after-gig in Barcelona. I havent posted them before, but just thought that probably some of you would like to see them, specially those ones that couldnt see them live because of the cancelled gigs. Hope you like them.I should have took more :D
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Barcelona November 18thCollapse )

PS. They played a new song: Berlin. You can see the setlist.
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[08 Nov 2005|08:08pm]

I've just been told this:

The Tears have been dropped...They are no longer with their label cos apparently their sales were not high enough.

Is this true, or just a rumour?

*edit* - Just thought I should point out that the person who told me this has not yet told me where they heard it, so I wouldn't take it to be a reliable source or anything.

*edit 2* - read the comments, it seems that this is just a rumour. Sorry if I worried anyone by posting this, but I really wanted to find out if it was true or not.
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random question, I know [30 Oct 2005|10:40pm]
Who sings backup for The Tears?
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[10 Sep 2005|12:29pm]

For anyone who missed The Tears interview and session that was just on Radio 2:


There's an interview with Brett and Bernard and then they do an acoustic version of Autograph. It took me a while to rip it and upload it, so I'd appreciate it if those of you who download it say thanks! Let me know if there are any problems downloading or playing it and I'll do my best to sort it.

*edit* - the Megaupload link doesn't seem to be working for some people, I'm uploading it now through yousendit. Voila: http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=129YS4BT3CKG31YXHHZ8RHZGJI
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Tour cancelled? [03 Aug 2005|10:02pm]

[ mood | desperate ]

Last night I got incredibly excited when I saw that The Tears were playing Southampton University in October, but when I asked at the box office today, the guy said that the entire tour had been cancelled, although he didn't know why. There is absolutely nothing about this on any site that I can find, and the official message board won't let me post on it (almost all of my email addresses are supposedly 'banned', and even after finding one they'll accept, I have to 'await confirmation from the moderator' or something before I can do anything), so do any of you know what's going on? Also, if any of you are members of the forum, could you try to find out what the hell is happening?


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V - The Lovers [27 Jun 2005|11:46am]


Is the lovers out today?
Go buy it!!!!
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Lovers Video. [27 Jun 2005|07:41am]


Link to the new Lovers video by The Tears.
Great song. Brett, unfortunately, is a bit boring in the video, only a bit of hand clapping at the end but Bernard looks great! He wiggles his bum!
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Brave New Century [25 Jun 2005|03:23pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

If anyone's interested, I just tabbed Brave New Century.





Repeat once.


e--1------ Play around with this chord,
b--3------ picking out the notes, playing the main riff,
g--2------ and adding vibrato if you have a whammy bar.

Verse fills.



Verse Ending a.

Verse Ending b.
g---7-----7--6-----6--5---4b5d4b5d4b5d4-- Bend up and down



1st Chorus go back to the main riff. Otherwise go to this.


Then back to the main riff.

The bridge is very simple, alternate between the chord shapes C and D minor,
adding fills and vibrato as necessary.

email me if you need any help.


This should be appearing on the internet within 48 hours. If anyone wants me to tab any other Tears songs, just e-mail me or comment, I can play a few of them.

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Glasto Performance [25 Jun 2005|07:05am]

The Tears performed 'Living Dead' last night.

Hmmm, they kept saying Shaffield would be the only time that would ever have played suede....
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[21 Jun 2005|01:05am]

Three crappy pictures from yesterday's gig in Provinssirock.Collapse )

I really enjoyed the concert, it was wonderful to see both Brett and Bernard again and it was so funny, in a way... I had many times thought what would it be like, to see them in the same stage together again, and then when the gig began.. I didn't even think 'omg wow now it's happening', it was such a 'natural' sight, both of them on the stage.

Brett was smiling maniacally again thoughout the concert. He came down from the stage two times and shook hands with the audience and asked around for people's names. Bernard was pulling lots of faces(most of them nice faces;)) and got really annoyed with one camera man. He tried to sign him away, the guy didn't seem to understand or didn't want to back a bit, Bernard emptied a bottle of water into his camera but that didn't bother the stupid camera man. There was also cameras taking footage of the audience and they came way too close, like a meter or so:| Rather disturbing to have a camera so close for one or two minutes.
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Brett on virgin Radio tonight [19 Jun 2005|10:51am]

This doesn't seem to have been mentioned in here yet so I thought I'd point it out...Brett Anderson will be on Razor Cuts on Virgin Radio tonight talking about some of his favourite songs. The show's on from 8 til 10 but I've listened to Razor Cuts every week for about two years now and I've never heard them do the artist-picking-their-favourite-records thing before 9:30 - so you can either listen to the whole show or just tune in at half nine.
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V : Tears Interview [12 Jun 2005|05:20am]

From 'The Irish Times'


The men behind Suede hated each others' guts once (and may still), but they've put aside their differences long enough to reform under a new name, with a new album. Brian Boyd talks to Brett Anderson about the fickleness of fame - and why you won't be hearing any of the old songs in concert
IT'S NOT big or clever for the guitarist to flick V signs behind the back of the lead singer - but it is funny. This is where we left Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler back in 1994, shortly before the latter was sacked from Suede during the recording of the lost masterpiece that was Dog Man Star.

Like most other notable songwriting teams, these once close friends and even closer musical partners had quickly begun to loathe each other. It was during these final gigs that Butler worked through his anger issues with the puerile (but probably deeply satisfying) gesture of giving Anderson the fingers in front of Suede's audiences.

As severed alliances go, Anderson and Butler's was spectacular. Anderson threw all of Butler's treasured and very expensive guitars out of the studio window and onto the street below. Butler allegedly called Anderson a paedophile in a post-split interview and the latter responded by downplaying Butler's input into the group by recruiting a 17-year-old schoolboy from Devon to replace the "irreplaceable" guitarist.

It's difficult to quantify just how huge Suede were in the early 1990s. A front cover of the Melody Maker proclaimed them as "The Best New Band in Britain" - before they had even released one note of music. Their debut album was anticipated as "the most eagerly awaited since Never Mind the Bollocks". Morrissey anointed them by covering My Insatiable One. The album won the Mercury Music prize and was the fastest-selling debut release since Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to the Pleasuredrome. Even their press agents won an award for the "best press campaign of the year". Anderson had the one-liners, Butler had the riffs; their future was so bright they had to buy a sunglasses factory.

"The history of this fucking band is ridiculous. It's like Machiavelli rewriting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It involves a cast of thousands. It should star Charlton Heston . . . it's like a pram that's just been pushed down a hill. It's always been fiery and tempestuous and really on the edge and it never stops. I don't think it ever will." That was Anderson at the peak of the band's success, alluding to then not publicly known simmering inter-band hatred and prodigious Class A drug use.

After the split, Suede continued to release albums. Anderson became addicted to crack cocaine and then heroin; just a few years ago he was spotted walking down the street where he lives at 3am shouting out: "I've got the best drugs in London".

Suede limped off the stage after the multi-layered disaster that was their A New Morning album in 2002. Butler became a Johnny Marr-like guitarist for hire, working with Bert Jansch and David McAlmont to little effect.

Last year, after Suede were put to bed, Anderson rang Butler.

"He could have picked up the phone and told me to fuck off," says Anderson. "It's not like we're best friends or anything, we've still got a lot to sort out between ourselves. We had both said and done things we regretted, so it was difficult. We were 10 years younger when these things happened. But, meeting up again for the first time, we still had a lot to put behind us, we had to draw a line. We didn't meet up to have a relationship, it was with the idea of working together again."

Tellingly, Anderson and Butler refuse to be interviewed together. You can have one or the other, or one after the other, but never together. This is not Friends Reunited.

This wasn't exactly the first time the two had met since Anderson sacked Butler. "It was a few years ago," says Anderson. "I was getting out of a cab and not looking where I was going. Suddenly this car appeared from nowhere and had to break quickly to avoid hitting me - it was Bernard in the car. That could have been a legendary rock'n'roll death!"

They are now called The Tears, a reference to a Philip Larkin poem, Femmes Damnées, which ends with the line: "The only sound heard is the sound of tears."

Anderson is adamant he didn't collapse Suede just to get back with Butler. "The band came to a natural end. The real reason I rang him is that I felt I had written my best songs with him. It certainly wasn't for social reasons."

Butler, for his part, has said that ever since Suede broke up, he wondered how long it would take Anderson to call him.

"The thing about working with him again is that because of the music we had already produced, there had to be something spectacular happening between us," says Anderson. "There was always that fear of tarnishing everything that had gone before - the debut album and Dog Man Star. A few songs in and we knew we had something, something that was Anderson and Butler but something that was not Suede, if you know what I mean."

The new album, Here Come The Tears, is robust and impressive. Butler is still a show-off guitarist and Anderson has lost none of his lyrical bark and bite. The singer is withering of bands that have followed in his wake who tread water with glum, introspective lyrics.

"It's all easy-listening indie now, isn't it?" he says. "All this obsessing about the self in songs these days. It can work if it somehow illuminates the human condition, which it rarely does, but it's not about being a member of society. It's the old thing: the personal is the political. Look at the bigger picture."

Anderson excels himself on one of the album's best tracks, the uncompromising Brave New Century, in which he sings of the meretricious ornamentation of contemporary life: "We sit and choke on magazines/And worship shit celebrities. Religion breathes like a disease/While people spit on refugees."

"That was written before the election here, but I just could not believe that an election could be fought over the abstract idea of immigration," he says. "Middle England were provoked by the Daily Mail - I mean, these people have never met, let alone talked to, a refugee. I wanted to humanise the immigrant communities with that song.

"As for celebrity worship, it's becoming even more extreme and bizarre. There will be a revolt and these false idols will be overthrown."

Now clean of drugs, he says the songs have benefited.

"There were the what I call opiated fop years with Suede, and there were also a few cliches in there also. We were treated like we were capable of doing anything. I see it happening now with Franz Ferdinand and Keane - no one had heard of them a year ago. Every band hated us at the time, and I hated us, because the focus wasn't on the music. Now we can write songs like Apollo 13. I'm just back from a European press tour and people were asking me if it was about the film and I'm going 'do you know what a metaphor is?' That song in particular is important for us. There's lot of space there and a different dynamic to it. It's the sort of area we'll be going more into on the second album.

"This really feels like a debut, it will be massively bettered. We're not going to run away after six months."

The Tears are lined up for a number of festival appearances, including Oxegen in July. But those who go expecting a medley of Suede hits will be disappointed.

"We're not doing any Suede songs," Anderson says flatly. It's important to distance ourselves from those past songs. We're The Tears now. Having said that, there was a gig in Sheffield a few weeks ago and during the encore we did do a Suede song. We hadn't rehearsed it, and the only reason we did that was to get it out of the way - the 'will they be playing any Suede stuff?' question that has been hanging around us since we got back together again.

"There's the answer. We played a Suede song for the first and last time. We're not going to be trading off the past - it holds too many bad memories for the both of us. We want to be brave and contemporary."


WHEN The Guardian had a poll of the 100 greatest albums of all time, only four releases from the 1990s featured - and Dog Man Star was one of them.

Recorded on the back of one of the most critically acclaimed debuts of all time, the wheels were beginning to fall off when Suede assembled for the follow-up. A much-hyped US tour (where they had to be called The London Suede) ended in ignominy with the band being upstaged by their support act, The Cranberries. Such were the tensions in the band that Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler could not be in the studio at the same time for the album's recording.

The album perplexed the band's fan base on its release in October 1994. Gone was the indie squall of the debut, to be replaced by a big, sprawling Gothic sound that sounded like a collision between Killing Joke and Keats.

Containing symphony-style odes about doomed urban landscapes, the album remains a towering achievement. Put tritely: it was Britpop's Sgt Pepper's.

"Imagine Coldplay releasing a record like that," says Anderson of the album. "They're far too sensible to do anything like that. Nobody understood it when it came out. We were supposed to bring out a similar album to the first, but we went for this big statement instead. You'll never get another Dog Man Star. Record companies simply won't allow their big-selling acts to be so ambitious and experimental".

Dog Man Star was up against two new albums. One by a new band from Manchester - Definitely Maybe - and the other called Parklife. The Britpop wars were about to commence. But without the participation of the band who started it all off.
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Birmingham instore [07 Jun 2005|08:16pm]

A couple of rather blurry (blame my crap camera) pics from the instore at Birmingham earlier today:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have more pics but haven't yet uploaded them.

Setlist was as follows...I think, didn't manage to get hold of one:
Two Creatures
Apollo 13
Southern Rain

It was the first time I've seen the Tears live and I thought they were great. Also got my copy of Here Come The Tears signed, so, it's all good...

(I'm new to this community, btw, so, hello!)
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