blackhallgreen (blackhallgreen) wrote in the_tears,

V - The Lovers

Is the lovers out today?
Go buy it!!!!
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And it's nowhere near as good as "Refugees". They were poor at Glasto too.
That's pretty much what I came to say. I'll still buy the single though.
Is it def out today?! I forgot!
I bought it via HMV
The B-Sides are great ;)

"Song For The Migrant Worker" is gorgeous!

"The Primitive" sounds a bit too much like "Feels Like Monday" though.
I down-loaded the B-sides, last week. And surprisingly, Lovers was shown on my television yesterday.

Lovers seems alright, if simple and blatantly "popular". Of the b-sides, Worthless is a complete embarrassment. Low-Life seems alright, as is Primitive.

Song for the Migrant Worker is another embarrassment, similar to Worthless.
I've got the 'Refugees' 7-inch. It's clear!